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Terms & Conditions


All products must be paid in full in advance.

(Orders and delivery will be arranged after payment is confirmed.)



For product improvements, specifications are subject to change and models are subject to revision or elimination without notice. Due to the characteristics of products utilizing natural materials, there may be some differences even with the same product, such as material texture, and color. The colors and material textures of products that appear in catalogues and websites may differ slightly from actual products.


<Warranty Period>

One year from the date of delivery to the location specified by the customer.

(Delivery date is stated on separate sheet, the Order Form)


<Products Covered by Warrantee>

Products covered by warrantee is furniture purchased directly from us.

(The product described in the separate sheet, the Order Form.)


If the furniture / products used following “Precautions for Use” are damaged or malfunctions, we will repair or exchange it free of charge.

<Products Not Covered by Warrantee>

Inappropriate conditions of use, damage, malfunction, etc. resulting from usage contrary to “Precautions for Use” given to customer at time of purchase.

Damage, malfunction etc. due to natural disasters, etc. such as earthquakes and fires.

Damage, malfunction etc. caused by pets.

Product issues due to room environment.

Malfunction due to moving, transporting, dropping, impacting, etc. of product after purchase.

Product is modified or processed.

Floor models for display sold from our company at a special sales price.

Furniture used for business.

Parts that wear out (light bulbs, protective material such as felt etc.)

Time-based deterioration of surface material, coating, and upholstery, etc., and fine scratches from daily use.

Indirect damage.

Products such as miscellaneous goods, panels (artwork), etc.

Methods of handling repairs, exchanges, etc. will be determined by our company.

Depending on the situation, the customer may be required to pay for various expenses such as fares and business travel expenses, etc.

In the case the product is exchanged during the warrantee period, and the manufacturer’s product or fabric is discontinued, there may be a substitute for a similar product specified by our company.

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